Luka Megurine Headphones and Arm Panel


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One night a friend and I were talking about what she should wear to Dragon*Con. She is really into anime and I was recently introduced to Vocaloids, which are digital pop stars. After suggesting she go as Luka Megurine, I offered to make the headphones and forearm display while she foucuses on the dress.


I started by making positives for both pieces using balsa. The ear piece is shapped around a piece of 2" PVC so I get a nice, symetric curve.



Details were then added to the ear piece with thin strips of balsa and glazing putty. The piece is gold but I decided to paint the positive jellow just to see what it would look like. This piece will be molded and cast, then the casting will be refined into the right and left piece and molded again so the final product will be fiberglass resin.



For the arm piece I put indentations in for where the display and speaker/mic will go. I still need to add the calculator buttons but this piece is almost ready for molding as well.



For the head band I found one with the right shape at JCPenny. I need to remove the fabric, but it will work very well for this project.

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