Lucio from Overwatch - EVA Foam Build

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So I've made some decent progress on this build and as such I am now happy to post about it.

Many other Lucio builds I've seen have been missing parts, or skimping a bit on the small details. I'm hoping to fix that with this costume, go as accurate as possible while still being able to actually skate around in it.
This is my first foam build, my previous project (Daedric armor) was pep and resin, so while I have some experience these earlier pieces are a bit messy. I'm thinking of going back and re-doing them if I can afford the foam (oh the joys of being a student).
I have a soft deadline for June, ideally I want to finish it by Supanova Sydney as I think Jonny Cruz, the voice of Lucio, is a guest. My hard deadline is September, and Oz Comic Con.
Anyway, lets begin!

To begin with I collected references. I used a combination of the Blizzard reference kit and a ripped 3D model.


I don't have any pics of this next stage but then, using a combination of screenshots printed out to scale, rotating round the 3D model and measuring distances between points, duct tape, and a lot of trial and error (mostly error) I created templates. At this point I just did templates for all the main armor pieces of the leg.

Then, finally, I got started actually building it. I did the crotch/butt armor first, it was mostly just flat and relatively small, a good practice piece.


I am using 8mm and 2mm foam from The Hero Studio, and dowels (1.5cm and 2cm) from Lumin's workshop here.

I also sewed the singlet. I haven't done much sewing before and as such I am kinda terrible at it. I am planning to use iron on transfer paper to do the logo but I might redo the shirt in stretch vinyl rather than the t-shirt material I used, as well as finish off the seams properly.
IMG_20181012_170403722 (1).jpg

Ok now back to the foam. I made the ankle bits (excuse my messy desk, I don't have all that much space to work)...

...And the toe bits.
(Not pictured)

Then I started moving up the leg. I made the shin armor, plus created those funky bevels on the 'wings' by sandwiching two bits of foam together and cutting/sanding it to shape.

You can see a bit of a template to the side there haha. Once again the seams are a bit messy, but I'll either sand, fill, and clean them up, or I might just end up re-doing any bits that aren't up to standard with the rest of them.

Next up, the knees. These are probably my favorite bits so far. The shape was really fun to put together, as were the details, and they are a scarily perfect fit. I apologize for the lighting in the next few photos, the light in my room is broken (the electrics not the bulbs) and so at night I use a couple of desk lamps and a head torch haha.
These knees were also taken from a flat template. They were cut out and one side was beveled at a 45 degree angle before sticking them together with contact cement. I then heated them up and gave them a bit more of a domed shape, then added the details. The circles on the sides are 3cm bevels from Lumin's workshop, cut to a 25cm length and stuck end to end, then detailing added inside.

At this point I also tested something with the fingers which ended up working surprisingly well. Lucio has these little bits of armor or something on the fingertips of his left hand. I was pondering how to do this when I thought about using foam clay (again from Lumin's Workshop). I moulded it around my fingers, carefully peeled it off, then let it sit and cure. 12 hours later I had some snug fitting little fingertips I cleaned up and added details to. I am yet to attach these to the glove (they connect to an armored plate that sits on the hand) but that's soon on my to-do list.

Oh yeah, those 'wires' were also foam clay, just rolled little sausages.

Now comes one of the bigger bits, the thighs. I had a template with the basic shapes which I then assembled in foam. Usual deal, trace, cut, bevel, glue. Excuse my terrible photo. Turns out it is quite hard to take photos of your own leg.

Next was the details in those holes. I traced out the shape and then with a bit of paper and tape assembled a quick template, before once again doing it in foam and attaching it. The thighs are a bit oversized, just due to the design of the armor but these bits plus some EVA foam on the back helps keep it snug against my leg. I'm planning to have them clip onto the belt too, so they don't slide down. I also did the few other details at this point, the little circles/bolts. I just pressed the grinding bit of my dremel into the foam and hoped it didn't careen off to the side.

Next was beginnings of the hip/upper thigh bits. There's a little plate that sits behind this armor at the front, it has some sort of speaker thingy on it. This was basically just a flat piece with a hole cut out and a bit of foam I heated up and domed stuck behind it. I also sanded down and beveled all the edges while I was at it.


And this is where I leave it for now. Next up will be those big circular bits on the thighs/hips. I'm planning to build a bit of storage space into those for the battery packs that will power the lights on the skates. Hopefully I'll be able to update again later today or tomorrow, I'm on holidays so I have a ton of free time to work on this.
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So I lied in the last update. The next bit I did was actually the gloves, I got them both finished in a couple of hours which was great. Not really going to explain the build process as it was just the usual. I think I'm going to try and finish off these small quick bits (bicep thingy, earpiece/visor) then go back and finish the thighs, then do the calf stuff, then do the skate covers, backpack, and gun once my LEDs arrive.

IMG_20181228_154630322 (1).jpg


Right so in the past few days I finished off the last of the smaller bits and ordered in more foam so I could finish off the big stuff (Hips/upper thighs, back of calves, skate covers, backpack, weapon).
I'm just gonna warn you in advance, the contact cement looks really messy but I promise the seams and stuff are actually all clean and nice haha.

First up is that funky little band around the bicep. It is connected to Lucio's weapon, the Sonic Amplifier, by a cable, but I made this magnetic and therefore detachable (and will do the same on the other end) so that I can wear the full costume without the weapon, or display the weapon on its own, without a long cable getting in the way. It just slips onto my arm and stays snug so no need for straps or anything. There is a play button symbol on the middle circular bit but given that that is saved as a decal in the textures as opposed to appearing on the normal map or the main texture I'm going to paint it on (like I will for the other 'decal' bits).



Then I made the earpiece. The visor is just some cheap eBay laser safety glasses. I would have liked to do a custom acrylic one but I don't have access to a laser cutter or bandsaw to cut it, and it would just be a bit of a pain to shape and dye it, as well as having to work out how to wear it. Better off just using glasses with an existing frame. Maybe in the future if I can get a solid plan I will but I'm happy with what I have now.

The base shape is a piece of foam I heat shaped into a dome. I cut a circle out of the centre, it let me get a nicer shape, with a more vertical angle and a bit less of a curve. It also has an angled portion of the front, so I cut out where that would go and patterned out a bit to fit in that gap. I also beveled the join slightly so the angle was shallower than the rest of the domed bit. For some of the details on this bit I actually used layered 2mm foam to create 4mm and 6mm bits (the bar down the middle and the plate on top, respectively). I used a bit of foam clay to do the round bit on the front, I couldn't be bothered to sand regular foam into shape.

I then just used a bit of superglue to attach it to the glasses. Luckily enough, the plate at the front fit perfectly onto the side plate of the glasses. I can still wear them normally, it fits nicely over my ear.


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Right so it's been a while since I've posted, a combination of work and the backpack being a nightmare. Due to wifi issues I am also posting from mobile so sorry in advance for any AutoCorrupt mishaps.

Over the past week or so I've just been focusing on the backpack. I got the base shape, then worked out the details in the middle and glued those down.




The glowing ring on the backpack was just done with a 1m USB LED strip, with 3mm Plastazote foam (sometimes called LED foam) from Lumin's Workshop glued about 1.5cm above. This stuff is really cool, and I don't know exactly how it works but something to do with the air bubbles in it means it defuses light really well without impacting brightness. It can also be sealed and painted as per normal (see Kamui Cosplay's Dual Zingore Blades).


The overall shape of the backpack was an absolute pain to work out, lots of curves and circles, plus trying to get it to fit snug against my back. However after some trial, error, and fiddling, I got it! I continued to refine the shape as I worked on it, so the first few pics might look kinda janky.



Inside the backpack I've actually entombed an old backpack of mine that had the right sort of straps for what I wanted. They just poke out through some holes, and having g the other backpack inside Lucio's makes storage a bit easier, I can carry all my own stuff!





If anyone here follows my Instagram you would know that the calves are driving me absolutely insane. They are such a strange shape, and for the life of me I couldn't work out a template for them.
I was getting pretty stressed, but today I was away from my tools and so I just sat down with some paper and tape and put together a template.



It's not perfectly accurate, my skate boots are quite tall so it can only extend about halfway down my shin, plus the back of the calf is ridiculously bulbous in game, having it full size would mean me being barely able to bend my knees 90°. I did manage to work it out however, same overall shape just slightly less exaggerated.


Once I get home I'll be doing them in foam and attaching the shin piece to them.
Now all that's left to do is the hips and the skates themselves!


So I've basically almost finished, all I need to do now is the skates and the Sonic Amplifier. Then sealing and paint, but construction is the hard bit haha. I'm back and school and thus pretty tired, so I'm just gonna picture dump and maybe explain some of the relevant stuff. I'm also going to try and grab a full test fit/skating in costume video on the weekend. I got a bunch done, the shins, the hips, I strapped the crotch with nylon webbing and velcro then redid it in elastic. The glove wires broke (turns out foam clay gets brittle) so I redid them with an old USB cable and actually drilled little holes for the wires to sit in instead of just gluing them to the surface.






The seams still need cleaning up and filling...


I trimmed the area where the hip sits against my hip, so it sat more snug. Sorry for the godawful photography haha.

I'm working on the skates right now, so I'll hopefully be posting that soon.


What adhesive did you use for the added cloth at the joint? I like this idea and might start using it!
Just contact cement! It's a bit of a pain to spread on the fabric but I think that's cause mine is getting a bit old and thick. I let it dry for a few minutes longer, I think it look longer to dry due to soaking into the fibers. Don't expect it to be strong right away like the bond between the foam is, it will hold but I found it was best to leave it overnight before straining it too much. Also some people recommend doing one coat and letting it soak in, then doing another before sticking them together but I was impatient and just did one lol. It is very useful though, if you want an attachment like nylon webbing or elastic provides but need to cover a larger area.

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Right ok so it's been *months* since I've updated this thread but I've been so busy with school and trying to actually finish Lucio haha. This post is just gonna be a bit of a pic dump of what I've done in the past few months, it's only a couple weeks till Sydnova so I'm frantically sealing and painting and hoping I get it done in time haha.


I primed everything with Flexbond...


Then I painted base colors and did drybrushing....


More drybrushing....

I don't have any pics of it right now but I also did a black wash over everything and sealed it all with a satin varnish that did a really good job of hiding my messy brushmarks. I went for a more weathered look than the reference, I just kinda enjoy weathering haha!
I also finally managed to make the skate/boot covers! They have lights, the power packs for which will be hidden in the thighs. They are the only piece left that still needs priming, and everything is fully painted and weathered and varnished apart from the skate covers, the backpack, and the thighs. And the only thing apart from that that needs doing is the shirt decal. Basically what I'm trying to say is I have a lot to do, and thanks to school assessments, work, and exercise, not much time left to do it! Yay! Anyway, it should be done by Supanova, acts of god permitting, and I'll get some better photos of everything when I get the chance haha.
Anyways here are some pics of the skates (and damn is taking photos of LEDs hard).



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This is looking really clean and nice. Many strong overwatch builds on this forum!
Can't wait to see you started on the weapon, are you going to include a real speaker???

keep it up!


Thank you!! I won't have time to finish the weapon for Supanova :( but I'm going to try and finish it before Oz Comic Con in September. I will also hopefully include a little Bluetooth speaker or something too!


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Thank you!! I won't have time to finish the weapon for Supanova :( but I'm going to try and finish it before Oz Comic Con in September. I will also hopefully include a little Bluetooth speaker or something too!

I know the feeling. When I made my S76 for gamescom, most of my time went into the pulse rifle. The costume went rather quickly after that. Because costume pieces are mostly hollow shells.

I think you could actually get a speaker the size of the gun inthere that works. depending on the power needed to run it.

keep it up its looking good!

B Wo

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Great job, so far. I look forward to seeing the finished product. I haven't played Overwatch in probably a year or more, but Lucio was super fun to play.

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