Lucifer Mazikeen Karambit Replica


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Howdy all,

As a thank you gift for my sister, I'm making her Mazikeen's karambits from the show Lucifer.


This image comes from here, which is probably where I'll have to get most of my references.

I won't have any progress shots for a bit, while I'm working on my Halo Magnum. However, I have a couple of questions. I am planning to make it from wood (foam would be hard to engrave with and is too weak for this build), but I haven't done any woodworking in years.
1. What type of wood should I use for this project?
2. What would be some good Dremel bits to use to engrave?

I'd suggest basswood. It holds detail fairly well and has tiny grain, both of which will be pretty essential for something that size with so much detail. I think you'd still want to put some clear enamel over it after you paint though.

For tools, any old set of diamond-tipped carving bits should do ya. Better brand, better quality, of course.
I really like the idea of cold casting it. Instead of wood, I'm considering making it out of clay and then making a mold from it. I've never done this before, so a couple of questions:
1. What would be a good clay to use for intricate details (preferably purchasable in Australia)?
2. What's a good cheap silicone product to make molds from to take intricate details? I've been interested in this Amazing Mold Putty, but I don't know how well it would hold details.
Wow, been quite a while, but today I had a bit of a chance to work on the karambit. I used (I think oak?) hardwood, then slowly cut it out with the scroll saw and roughly cleaned up the edges on the belt/disc sander. It's been years since I've done any woodworking, and boy have I missed the smell of burnt wood! I also forgot how much sawdust flies and now I have to dust and vacuum half my room.

The bottom karambit is a paper outline, with a bit of photo editing to define the high/low points for when I'll file in the details.
I'm coming back to this project before moving on to new ones, plus now I finally have the tools to proceed with it. I've done a lot of grinding, sanding and regrinding (because I sanded the details away) to get to this point.



It's not the next step but soon I will be needing to add the details - meaning all that "noise" and marks on the blade and handle. Got no idea what technique(s) to use, so I'm open to suggestions!
looks good but shouldn't the inside of the blade be hmmm sharper? cant say i payed all that much attention but isn't it a doublke sided blade?
looks good but shouldn't the inside of the blade be hmmm sharper? cant say i payed all that much attention but isn't it a doublke sided blade?
Thanks. I can see where you're coming from, I've not much knowledge of actual karambits but to me that would make sense. However, the reference images don't really show it being sharpened on the inside:

You can see the outside is clearly a blade edge but the inside is a little harder to tell. Although I won't deny that my blade is thicker than what the replica in the above image would be. I have though sharpened the tip and a little down the inside.
Forged by the beasts of hell, engraved in demon's tongue... may I present to you Mazikeen's Karambit.


I'll show the molds soon enough (boy, they're interesting). These blades were cold casted and engraved then buffed with steel wool, and the edges "sharpened" (AKA made shinier) with Rub n Buff.

I learnt a lot while making this, including new techniques and some problem solving skills, so I'm really happy to have worked on it and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!
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