Lucid's Pep Fiberglass/Sintra/Foam Mark 7 with detachable Booster Pack and Flaps

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    Hi All,

    My first post. Yay! I've been holding back on posting about my project because I've had so many epic fails. But I've made a break through and I just had to share! I'm attempting to make a (mostly) fiberglass, fairly movie accurate, full enclosure Mark 7, that I can put on and take off by myself, be relatively comfortable--and (if possible) sit down in! At some point, I'd like to motorize the booster flaps and put something in the missile pods, but that's farther down the line.

    First, I want give thanks to Stealth, Jackieisrockin, XrobotsUK, Ironmaided, Spardax, JayCVenlo and Taijutens for inspiring me and sharing their know how, and especially thak Darkside501st, JFCustom, Omarbou1, Zabana and Karol Siemieniago for sharing their .pdo files.

    Mash Up of Parts List:
    Helmet: Omarbou1 (eventually--gonna be last item on my build list)
    Neck: Omarbou1 (possibly foam)
    Chest: Gaitron/JFCustom
    Back: Karol Siemieniago
    Back Flaps/Booster Pack: Gaitron/JFCustom
    Biceps: Omarbout1 (may have to switch to Darkside501st depending on fit)
    Elbows: Omarbou1
    Upper Forearm: Omarbou1
    Lower Forearm: Darkside501st
    Abs Front: Gaitron/JFCustom
    Ab Rings: Darkside501st pieces modified to match movie, further modified to fit on the Gaitron model. Currently I have a Foam JFCustom Gaitron that fits--experimenting with sintra to see if I can make one that fully articulates.
    Cod: Not sure yet, but probably Darkside501st. Gaitron/JFCustom model covers too much of my hip so I'll bend it or break it when I move or sit.
    Thighs: Darkside501st
    Calves: Darkside501st
    Gloves: Zabana
    Shoes: Zabana

    I believe the Gaitron model appears most movie-accurate. However, the flaps aren't really designed to move. Omarbou1's model appears to be very accurate but he doesn't have a back piece out yet. The Darkside501st model has moveable flaps, but the model under the flaps aren't movie accurate (reminder: Darkside501st identified his pepakura as movie-inspired, not movie accurate--just wanted to clarify I'm not criticizing at all.) The Karol Siemieniago model has separate back, upper booster pack, and lower flaps, but the model is fairly low res and a lot of detail appears to be lost.

    Also, except for Darkside501st's and Omarbou1's, the other models are foam only.

    So I started with the Gaitron model and figured out a scale that fits me. (It's a nightmare for me because I'm only 5'2" so scale something shorter and it becomes too tight to fit in.) Once I figured out the Gaitron back & chest, the key was to figure out how to fit the KS back in there.
    IMG_20150225_230826809.jpg IMG_20150210_174511665_HDR.jpg IMG_20150305_243758240.jpg

    IMG_20150226_171453949.jpg IMG_20150226_171516395.jpg IMG_20150311_155309812.jpg IMG_20150311_160841702_HDR.jpg

    So I built the Gaitron model out of paper (the pieces are in the pepakura file--you just need to move things around). I tried cardboard at first, but because cardboard doesn't want to bend, and will only bend one way, it's really hard for trying to make two models fit to each other. So I built the booster pack from paper, then made the KS back out of paper and attached it to the Gaitron chest and kept increasing/decreasing KS pieces until I found one that fit. It was a bunch of trial and error (a lot of * error) until I had a KS back that fit the chest and the Gaitron back.

    So here's where I'm at so far. The pieces appear to fit ok, after the first couple rounds of resin and glassing. Hopefully the bondo and sanding part will cooperate.

    IMG_20150313_224336935.jpg IMG_20150314_205027581.jpg IMG_20150314_205946936.jpg IMG_20150314_205957511.jpg
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    looks good! Good luck on your build!
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    Using the foam templates for paper is a great idea. I tried it myself but always have issues with the scaling. Glad to see someone get it to work. Can't wait to see the progress!
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    Updates! (I've been lagging--felt like trying a foam M43 for a change of pace):
    IMG_20150404_193502391.jpg IMG_20150404_193627331.jpg IMG_20150404_193632584.jpg

    Resin & Bondo stage looks ok. I still haven't decided on how I want to mount the booster pack. I'm thinking magnets of some kind. I'd like to be able to motorize them at some point, but there's not much room in the booster pack.

    Some of the other parts are coming along ok:
    IMG_20150417_174842662.jpg IMG_20150417_175217547.jpg

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