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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Jedi2016, Mar 10, 2012.

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    For whatever reason, Doctor Who managed to slip under my radar.. I'd heard of it, of course, but I'd never watched any of it.. and the only image I had in my head was Tom Baker with his poofy hair and silly scarf.

    Fast-forward to last week, when I'm bored and see the series up on Netflix. What the hell, I say.

    Now I'm saying Why the hell didn't somebody tell me about this show sooner?!?!

    Netflix starts off with the "new" series, picking up with the Ninth Doctor. I just finished the first season and enjoyed every last second of it. But I can't just leave it there.. this is the RPF, and I'm about to drop more money than I should on a good sonic screwdriver (one of the new CT ones). A frikkin' screwdriver.

    What's wrong with us? Who the hell looks at a screwdriver and says "This could be a little more sonic!"? <----(best quote ever about a prop, IMO)

    As for the show, I know about the whole regeneration thing, but I really like Chris Eccleston, and it usually bugs me when shows change actors (although at least DW actually works it into the show, which I think is pretty much unique in all of television and movies). Like I said, I only just finished the first season, so I got a glimpse of David Tennant, but I don't know how I'm going to take to him yet. Word on the street is that he's a * fine Doctor, so here's looking forward.

    Any thoughts on going back and watching previous seasons? I'm a fan of Paul McCann, so that would probably be worth it for him alone.
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    i also started with eccleston, and liked him most, until half season through with tennant, then i liked him most. still like him more than matt smith
    finish the new seasons first and then go get the classic dvds :)
  3. Bootlegger137

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    Paul McGann was only in 1 "episode"...the TV movie in 1996 (?).

    Tennant is my favorite of the new series, and his father in law Peter Davison (5th Doctor) is my favorite of the original series.

    I agree with EoS. Watch the entire new series. Then go back to the original series. If you want a slight departure, watch Torchwood (with Captain Jack Harkness). It's been described (not by me, mind you) as "Doctor Who for adults."
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    I loved Eccleston and was very sad to see him go, but within 4 episodes, Tennant solidified himself as "my" Doctor (everyone has one--their definitive Doctor). You're in for a treat.
  5. letmebestormy

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    Welcome! Yeah, do the whole new series and then there will be tome of old episodes to go through.

    I just did the entire 4th doctor's tenure with my 2.5yr old in the last half year. She loves it. It really brought me back to my childhood.
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    Welcome to the club!!! I recommend watching all of the episodes, old and new. Just remember that the original series was intended to be a serial show with cliffhangers, whereas the new series has more stand-alone episodes (with the occasional multi story arc). Some people find the original series boring for this reason. Stick with it though, you're in for one heck of a good ride!:cool:thumbsup
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    I was in your boat. I'd heard of the show before....i saw maybe 2 minutes of a show with baker in the mid 80's sometime and left after 2 minutes because it looked like they spent all of 2.50 on the sets...

    Flash forward to 2005, I'd heard lots of people rave about about it and it was premiering here on sciffy so I figured I gave it shot. Fell in love with it and never looked back. I'd echo 100% of your sentiments after the first season. I wondered if I'd ever warm up to Tennant, and i've got to say he's my favorite. After completing Smith's first season (new series 5 or 6 - depends on if you call Tennat's 4 movie finales as a season) I decided to go back and watch from the very beginning. I'm midway through Troughton's run and finding it just as fun!

    You've started down a VERY long path! On the plus side, so far it's been a load of fun :)
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    Side note:

    I don't.

    Have "my" Doctor, that is. I don't claim any single Doctor as "mine." Tennant was the one who was most concurrent with my viewership, but that's more a factor of timing than appreciation.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved him as the Doctor and his final special when he regenerated was heart-rending, especially the last moments. But at the same time, I find things I love about all of the other Doctors. Yes, even the Sixth.
  9. NakedMoleRat

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    What, you've never neeb bored, had a long night, a lot of cupbords to install?

    I loved Chris, and HATED that he left after one series. I liked David until 3rd season and all he did was (Not gonna blow it for you)

    I got sick of David and was glad to see him go. I love Matt and it has been a great ride, he makes Chris' leaving more bearable. And yes, I dropped $500.00 on a sonic screwdriver! :lol
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    Started with Chris and was upset that he left, David did good IMO from start to finish and Matt is doing a good job.

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