Love my CostumeBase Han ANH Holster - betcha' don't hear that often :)


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Couldn't really justify $200+ for a quality rig and didn't want to display my DEC ANH on a stand, so I bought the pleather version of the CostumeBase rig. Hate that they have the droid caller and pouch switched but for $70 with crappy droid caller included I took a shot. The holster was an embarrassment... and that's being nice. Then I noticed the leather version ($130). When did that show up? I emailed them and asked if it was possible to just get the holster and they sent it for $65. It came and didn't have the belt clips, but I just trimmed down the leather and used the old ones (that use screws instead of snaps thankfully). I was going to have to trim it down regardless because otherwise with a 30" waist it would've been down around my shins.

I gotta say this holster is a bargain for the price. It's very tight at first but fits the DL-44 like a boss. All I need to do now is take it to a tack shop to have the top strap shortened.

I noticed that they have the pouch/droid caller issue straightened out on the leather belt. Anybody have that? How does it look/feel/work?



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I got the leather belt and holster for $129. The leather feels SUPER sturdy. The metal that the buckles are made of, I fear, will one day fail, and I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Their weird-ass plastic droid caller with the squigglies all over it is resin and the C-clamp will eat the paint off of it quickly. My only real gripe about it is the c-clamp being loose. Do you generally have to adhere the droid caller to the belt to keep it in place?
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