LOTR Rohan / Rohirrim Rider costume ideas?


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I've been looking around for some guidance as far as a rohirrim rider. Any links, ideas, etc would be helpful. Thus far I cannot find any specifics to a rohirrim costume...thanks


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Take a look over at alleycatscratch.com. Mostly they do main characters from LOTR but they do have stuff on Rohirrim. I found almost every resource for my Aragorn costume from that site.

Pete SSS

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I've wanted to put together a Rohan costume ever since I saw The Two Towers in the cinema. I'm sad to say that this is as far as I've got!


I made this earlier this year. Here's the build thread so you can see how I put it together.


Take a look through the extended edition DVD galleries for a little more reference. There are some shots of the generic cavalry men on there.

I think the starting point of any Rohirrim costume (other than Theoden) will be a chain mail shirt. I guess that's why I haven't got any further myself!


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Alleycatscratch, for sure. You can find ANY Lord of the Rings costume study, and tips on how to make certain elements (chainmail, jewelry, patterns, etc.)


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I have an idea. Just as long as you're handy with a dremel, you can just find some Viking helm, brooch and armor replicas (historical, no horns *bleh*) and engrave horses and suns all over 'em!

Also, get some dusty green weave fabric for an undertunic and cloak. Unless you're trying for Rohirrim royalty, all the riders' cloaks are frayed squares of thick cloth.
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