LOTR Orc Sculpt WIP


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I began Sculpting a bust/mask Of a Lotr style orc. He is not a typical brutish orc, but rather slender and plotting. like an assassin type character that would have appeared in the desolation of Smaug during the Lake town Fight. This is also my first time sculpt so please don't bash my brains in too hard.

image (1).jpegWhat I Started With

rough, I Mean ROUGH sculpting thus far.

image (4).jpeg image (2).jpeg image (3).jpeg

This is the type of Clay I am Using


Any suggestions, Tips, And Tricks are Royally Welcome!


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It's a great start for a first sculpt.

What I notice is a problem I had when sculpting over wig heads. It's easy to get distracted by the shape of the head form and lose track of the anatomy of your character. Imagine the bone structure of the orc, and make sure those bones fit in there. What stands out to me at this point is the mouth area. From the front the proportions are probably fine, but you see from the side that there's no room for his jaw bone in there. Look at reference (be it pictures or real examples) of people's faces and skulls and see how that jaw bone is structured and connects to everything else.

Side note: what I eventually ended up doing when I sculpt on a wig head is cut off the nose, lips, eyes, and sides of the head so it can be used as some structure, but won't dictate too much of the character for me. A little late for this one, I know, but something to consider for next time.

Keep at it. This has potential.


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Thank You very Much For your input and I will definitely be restarting this project because I am an idiot and didnt spritz it with water and put a bag on it for the night aaaaand it was ruined.... But I will definitely do what u suggested. I just have to wait until Friday night to do so.

I am definitely going to chop the facial features off, That makes so much sense now, And I will definitely put more care into the treatment of the sculpt and take care of the clay and not neglect it. Thank You