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LOTR: Master Replicas "One Ring of Sauron"

Sold for 349 USD - Out of Stock
This listing is for a Master Replicas "One Ring of Sauron" statue. These are becoming almost impossible to find, and it's common to see them sell in the $700-$800 range. However, I'm selling this for a major discount, because it has some notable damage:
  • The ring has a scuff on the gold paint along the top. I was able to find an enamel paint with a near-perfect match for the color. The texture of the paint isn't as shiny though, so when viewed from certain angles, it can be seen. I've highlighted this in the photos, so you can see what it looks like there. In some cases, it looks completely invisible, and in other cases it looks like a dull spot.
  • The acrylic cover is missing.
  • The base has some minor scuffs, along with a significant hole in the back of the base.
  • The original box is not included.
However, other than that it's a fully-functional and beautiful piece. The damage to the base is hidden when it's on display, and the lighting function is fully operational. (Please note that this requires six AA batteries, and because of lithium battery shipping restrictions, these will not be included.)

This item is being sold as-is with no returns, so please take a close look at the photos before making a purchase. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. US Shipping is $12. International Shipping is $45. Thank you for viewing this listing!

DSC_4265.JPG DSC_4266.JPG DSC_4271.JPG DSC_4275.JPG DSC_4282.JPG DSC_4284.JPG DSC_4292.JPG DSC_4308.JPG DSC_4309.JPG DSC_4311.JPG

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