Ever since the onslaught that was The Rings of Power I have been reflecting on the brilliance of the original trilogy. So, I've been adding to my collection by developing templates for pieces I have wanted but never had the opportunity to get before.

This Fountain Guard helmet is the newest addition to that collection. It is another iconic helm from the trilogy that only got a few seconds of screen time but has left a lasting impression.

Below are photos of my process, or if you want to check out the build video:
A link to the free template is in the video description.

RPF 1.jpg
RPF 2.jpg
RPF 3.jpg
RPF 4.jpg

RPF 5.jpg

RPF 6.jpg

RPF 7.jpg

RPF 8.jpg

RPF 9.jpg

RPF 10.jpg

RPF 11.jpg

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