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Hi All

I've been working for the past several weeks to make a screen accurate replica of Gandalf's ring in LOTR / Hobbit. The commercially available replicas (mostly NC) have always been pretty poor quality and far from being screen accurate, so I decided to make my own ring - I'm working with a friend who is a talented 3D artist and metal smith, and we've already made good progress on this as we have a 90% accurate 3d model that will be using to create the mould and cast the ring in whatever metal we end up picking. I've been doing lots of research, including getting inputs from the jewelers from the Hobbit and LOTR trilogies, and the goal is to make the most accurate replica out there, using the same materials, same size, etc as the actual thing.

This thread is only to gauge interest and really to see if there's still any interest in LOTR / Hobbit stuff, as I also have a bunch of other LOTR jewelry projects in my pipeline. Regardless of the interest on the RPF, I will be moving forward on this as 1. it's a passion of mine 2. I have enough interest through FB groups to fund the costs if I needed to, but I thought I would also offer this to the RPF community. If I do decide to do a run, my ideal scenario would be to make a small run and then move on to my next project - I'm not trying to turn a profit on this run, so the price point would be whatever this cost me + set up costs amortized over the number of units made. I'd probably be targeting a $200 to $300 price point, and not above $300 for sure.

Attaching a few renders of the current 3d model - feel free to comment below and / or ask any questions.


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