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I tried to gather some information about the belt of Aragorn (Lord of the rings part 1, 2) in order to build a 100% screen accurate replica. I was encouraged to open a new thread about this topic - so here it is.

In the picture you find my current version I use with my united cutlery sword. The buckle is hand-made: full metal (zamak alloy) polished and chemically aged with the engravings filled with 23k gold. The belt is full grain leather with a length of approx. 180 cm. All embossings filled with gold high-light stain. The leather was stained and antiqued in several steps.

Im am finishing at the moment the tabacco pouch and the pouch for the sharpening stone.

Would be great to get comments, criticism and ideas to further improve the concept. In particular I found no precise information about the engravings on the buckle. I am also not sure about the color of the leather. Often the belt appears darker but this can be because the leather is wet and "less carefully" used.

Also if you have good reference pictures of e.g. the pouches etc. they will be welcome...

Thanks in advance for any help!

Where did you learn to make that? Alleycatscratch?

Because if you haven't gone there already, that's invaluable.
Wow ! nice work ! This looks great !
Could you please tell me how you attached the scabbard please we see in the back of the second picture. Or could you just please put a new picture of the scabbard and the attach system ? I'm trying to understand how to buckle the scabbard to the belt.
Anyway, very nice job once again !
Hi there!

not much time - so here a quick answer. Made a photo showing it assembled. I screened the movie picture by picture and the way the straps are attached is 100% screen accurate.

Sorry for this ugly photo:$

PS The sharpening stone scabbard is only a prototype - not 100% accurate

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