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Lothlorien Bow of Legolas

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Rare official prop replica of the Lothlorien bow of Legolas by Hollywood Collectibles Group. In excellent condition and in original packaging.

As per popular demand this now has a shipping option. That being said, I would still prefer a local pick-up (in Ypres, Belgium), so there are a few restrictions to encourage that:
  1. As I already explained to some of you via PM, I'm not really comfortable shipping a box this long and thin. If you'd still like it shipped, I will naturally make sure everything is packed as safely as possible, but shipping will be at your own risk. This means that exceptionally I will not be accepting PayPal goods & services, only bank transfer and PayPal friends & family. This is not how I normally work, but as I said I want to encourage a local pick-up if possible. Aside from my trading score here, I'm also a member of several Facebook collecting groups (among which the "Lord of the Rings Collectors" group), so you are welcome to ask for references there. If you like, I can also accept a payment plan.

  2. The dimensions of the box exceed those accepted by most private courier services. This means I have to look at custom shipping solutions, which impacts the cost. So keep in mind that shipping costs are going to be relatively high. If you're still interested, you can PM me the country and city you live in, and I'll send you a shipping rate.

  3. I will only ship this within the EU.


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