Loth-cat plush toy prop

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    After watching Star Wars Rebels S1 I have utterly fallen in love with the loth-cat Tookas. I decided I had to make some of my own. I commissioned a custom pattern, played around with it some, colored it in with some help from my husband, got it custom printed on plush minky fabric, and sewed it together with a combo of machine and hand sewing.
    I think improvements in the next one may be to add a plastic poseable skeleton. It does stand on its own, but takes some work.

    lothcatpic.jpg The Loth-cat in the show.

    Plush version
    lothcat01.png lothcat02.png lothcat03.png
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    This is really cool, the white one would be awesome, and simpler :)
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    Very neat. Nice job! :)

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