LOST: The Statue Jacob lived in


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I'm at it again - making another Lost prop.

Here's a bit of work I did just trying to get the general proportions right:

It still needs more slenderizing before I get too much on the details.

Here is the slew of reference photos I've collected from various friends I've told about this project.

Most of the images, even the ones they used as a model for what we so in The Incident - unpainted clay one there in the middle and the digital white one on the bottom left, just don't seem as elegant as the image from the back on the show. The heads look somewhat too big and the legs too small. Maybe that's because of the angle?

Whatever the reason, I'm going to ATTEMPT to get something closer to the impression I got from that scene.

Some other angles from a couple days ago and a marker to give size perspective.

We'll see how it goes!


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very cool project
Guri, you continue to amaze and inspire me with your work:):thumbsup

Very nice. Will it be standalone, or are you going to make a diorama out of it?
My plan is to sculpt and paint it as much like the view from The Incident as possible, including rocks at the bottom and sand (no ocean waves, though)

Jacob and MIB would be about the size of rice, so I doubt I'll make them to go with it. :lol


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Here's the latest I've done:

The first image below is mine without flash, then the digital images from Ab Aeterno that I altered and stuck together to get a composite, then the clay one they used for the basis of the digital one, then mine again with flash.

I'm liking what we saw in the show more than the clay one, so those are the images I'm working from mostly. I'm not paying much attention to the hands and Ankhs until I'm nearly done because they'll just get messed up anyway.

Below is the digital version they used (I think) and mine... honestly, I like mine better. :$ I will probably close the mouth more, though.

I really love this angle from the show - I find it so elegant and it just speaks to me as being THE statue - I have been trying so hard to get the legs right, reworking them to the point where they look like it's got cellulite now! :p

And I've come to the conclusion based on this comparison below that it's length not width... The legs are just too short! I know I tried to make them long when I started and now I'm wondering if the entire thing didn't just settle and squash because they are so puny. *sigh* Or maybe I just failed. :(

I don't know that I can fix it easily either because there are wooden sticks in the legs that go up into the torso. Pulling them out to make them longer might rip up all the work I've done.

Anyway, I'm going to put it aside for a few days and... maybe hang it upside down to see if it stretches the other way. haha!


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SO, I decided to chop off the statue just under the skirt and push the entire thing upward to add length to the legs.

In the process, it lost a leg and half an arm. ROFL

But I think this is more in proportion, so it's worth having to redo them.

First is pre adjustment, second is the show statue, third is post Ab Aeterno alternative reality where only part of the statue was destroyed...

I'm going to work on it a bit more tonight while our family watches Return of the Jedi... I tell ya' it's a kick watching it with my boys! They know more than I do now! In fact, my 13-year old has read so many Star Wars books that it's like those pop up info bubbles with him making comments with background information I had no idea about - names of aliens, motivations of characters...

Having such nerdy kids makes a tear of joy come to my eye. :love


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Not much work going on with this, but I was messing around a bit in photoshop and came up with this. *heheh*