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I recently bought the boxed set of season 1 LOST, and am addicted to it. One of my favorite characters is John Locke, who is a fellow knife collector. He has an awesome case of knives, which im suprised nobody on the RPF has tried to replicate before, but there doesnt seem to be a large LOST following on here. There was a thread over on bladeforums (Behold, John Locke's Knives from Lost!!) that identified all of the knives he has in his case, which looks like this:

I actually have one of the knives from the show, which i realized when i started watching it. it is this one:

Anyways, i was wondering if anyone has started trying to replicate his knife collection, or if there are any other lost fans on here.


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I'm a huge Lost fan!. I've never thought of replicating his knife collection. But after reading your post, I looked through the knives that I have and found that I have "Locke's Master Spyderco Knickoff" and "Locke's Master Pocket Knife."

BTW...buckle up. After season one, you're in for a ride!


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I made that case a couple of years back with all the knives in. All of his knives really were cheap tat and chinese knock-offs. The only decent knife he carried was the SOG Tigershark, which he used from series two onwards with a custom sheath. Terr O'Quinn really got good at throwing that beast and all the props have bent hand guards from him practicing it. Pity they wasted his character in the last two seasons. John Locke was cool.


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Yeah he had some nice ones some of which I own.

I still carry my 25 year old Tigershark when I go camping


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nowadays, the tigershark is pretty rare and expensive. and Asp9mm, the Ka-Bar of his is also a fairly good knife. Do you have any pictures of the case you made?


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Knives?!, Locke doesn't need knives!
Always loved the knives, have one...but I would love to have a set like shown above for sure.
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