Lost in Space Laser Rifle


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I grew up watching Lost in Space as a kid and I figured this would be a simple enough prop to replicate due to is simple design. I've been scanning the web but been unable to locate the information I need and was hoping you fine people could help. I want to build a replica of the laser rifle from the first season of Lost in Space. While I've found some good pictures I'm having a difficult time figuring out the dimensions. Does anyone know them or able to point me to where I could find them?



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Hi Dirk, thought someone might have something better for you than what I have here.
Kept this thumbnail of a blueprint that was available some years ago on the LIS fanclub Australia website before they went to FB.
Its pretty next to useless but might give you some idea of size if you overlay the prop photos with it in photoshop.
Might be worth asking over at the Lost In Space Props Yahoo group Yahoo! Groups
I checked their files but nothing on the laser rifle however if you ask there I'm sure someone will dig up some better details.
25 laser  pistol.jpg


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I don't have any interest, but wanted to point out that there is now a nice replica available on a leading bid site.