Lost Hunters from P2


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Does anyone know if any of the lost hunters have a back story besides the elder? I have searched the web and I can't find anything on them other than their role inn P2! If anyone knows and can tell me where to find it great! ~Lou~
Not that we know of! I wrote a fanfic somewhere in the hunters gallery, kind off a back story/ prequel to P2! Unfortunately the lost hunters material is very scarce!
Comon Hollywood, we know you love prequels, do a P2 prequel, based on the Lost hunters.

that'd be ****ing bad-ass ...........it needs to rewind and fill us in with some info ,....
only logical direction to go now,.......i especially want to know way more about the elders,....
what their day consists of,....ha ha ha that kinda **** .........
A prequal will be totally awesome, where 1 movie focuses just on Boar, Brother Boar and Borg, and another movie on Chopper, Elder and Snake. Or whatever! Thing is that I remember reading a post on here where a member scanned a few pages of a comic he had where they show how the Elder in P2 got the flint lock pistol and also where he learned the phrase "Take It". And so I started to search around for the other lost huners and nothing on any of them! Well maybe they will here us and make a ne trilogy just on the lost hunters and the series ending in the ship at the end of P2 and all the predators live(except P2).
Guys it's simple the lost hunters and elder were sitting on the ship smokin blunts playin cards drinking beer as the waited on the P2 to do some hunting. We were giving the idea that ship was there the entire time of the movie hidden of course. The P2 flees back to where it was the whole time. Anyway again it's simple the lost hunters and elder were sitting on the ship smokin blunts playin cards drinking beer as they waited on the P2 to do some hunting. After the P2 did his hunting and would have survied they would move on to another planet let a new predator hunt and then they would wait and so on. that's as simple as it gets. It was a skull hunt tour of the galaxy
OMG! I’m so embarrassed to admit this - but, I never knew there was a back story concerning the P2 Elder, interesting. But anywho, I had always figure the P2 Elder and crew were ‘scripted’ solely for the film. I also agree with ‘Predatweaker’ in that the P2 and crew were on earth the whole time while the P2 hunter was hunting...I also love Predatweaker’s’ description on what was going down on the ship while they were waiting for the P2 hunter to finish his run. :) :( ..Man! wish I could haven been there!!!
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