Lost Hunter Borg Build


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Not sure what happened to the original thread, but here it goes.  I finally have the mold repaired [had a problem with the beauty coat adhering to the sculpt and it ended up being a bit thin, even though the overall mold is at least 1" thick; not enough vasoline, and probably did the mold keys wrong], but the mold lines up and should have a somewhat small seemline, but I can take care of that.  It's my first two part mold, but next time will be better.

The mold:

The sculpt:


I did resculpt the upper mandibles as well as make the dome part of the head not so "flat" and gave it that round look.  I do have to resculpt the lower mandibles because someone they were ruined.  No biggie, I wanted to change that up a little anyway.  I do have the teeth and mandibles molded and cast as well.

I plan on using Dragon Skin Pro FX silicon and FuseFX paints and have all of the paints picked out except the skin color, I'm still working on that color.  I still need some source some materials like silpak, naptha, air brush regulator, etc... and should have the materials in about two weeks to start painting.  My first mask paint up ended up rather flat, so I'm hoping I can make the Silicon Borg look as real as I can.

I'm still going with the Boar 3 concept from PredatrHuntr as the "Borg Bio" and the P2 hero from Bryan should fit this nicely once cast for an eventual P2 mask.

Thanks for viewing!
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