Lost Actor 51 marries his 16yo girlfriend


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Either her parents gave consent for her to marry (which brings up all manner of other potential issues) or she's an emancipated minor.

Disturbing? Yes... but it's her mistake to make. Hopefully, it'll wind up being an amicable situation and not as one of the various horror stories.

Wes R

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Wow. That is odd. It's as bad as when Ted Nugent became legal guardian of his future wife when her folks offered her to him. It's not that uncommon for 16 and 17 year olds to get married but not to someone old enough to be their grandpa. She sure doesn't look 16 that's for sure or it's some sort of odd publicity stunt.
all i can say is i cant wait for the divorce to go through so we can hear about all the freaky **** he wanted her and her underage friends to do for him lmao. He'll be in trouble only if she's angry with him, just watch ;) Its how people operate.


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Both of them are going to learn some tough lessons the hard way.

Personally as a rule of thumb, I think couples should be of an age that they both remember some of the same cartoons.

Mara Jade's Father

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Well he looks younger than 51 and she looks older than 16. Anyways, I hope it works out. Regardless of the age difference, those celebrity types do not have great records of making it to the "till death do us part".

Also, there should be some sort of law against 16 year olds looking like that. :love


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So what! She's legal. He's Rich. We aint. End of Story.

I don't care how rich that dude is. He's in for a load of headaches, I'd say. I mean, sure, maybe not. Maybe he'll beat the odds, but I'm 33 and I have trouble dating people who are younger than about 25. I cannot for the life of me imagine how he is not going to lose his damn mind being married to a woman thirty five years his junior.


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He's married to this?


Jet Beetle

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Gone but not forgotten.
She doesn't look 16 - I'm betting that is a typo and they meant to write his girlfriend of 16yrs - not 16yo girlfriend.

But if it is true - I personally can't stand being around teenagers - their opinions grind your skull. Being married to one would be a complete hell on earth.


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Is his wife one of the women in pictured in the link ? They look older than I am :confused

I don't watch Lost so i've no idea who they are.
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