Los Angeles-area Costumers! Shooting a Pilot for Series, need your help


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Hey all. I'm trying to put together a shoot for a series pilot called The Collectors, and I need someone with lots of Costumes and Replicas to let me shoot at their house, or wherever your props are stored.

The show is about a group of collectors in a small California town. It's shot "Office" style, with a similar sense of pacing and humor. I have a direct connection to Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim), and if the timing is right we'll hopefully have him in the show, along with Nelson Franklin (Scott Pilgrim), Clark Duke and Evan Peters (Kick Ass).

The pilot takes place in a basement where a great many props and costumes are kept. We can use multiple locations as well, since there are several collector characters in the show. The pilot features one of the main characters trying on different costumes, eg., a Stormtrooper helmet with a Star Trek tunic, so the more costumes and props you have, the better.

Or, if someone has just some props and costumes, perhaps I could convince other members to bring some of their portable collection to someone's basement.

We would probably need your space, props and costumes for roughly 2-3 hours. I like to keep things simple, so there would probably only be 7-8 of us in your space during that time. I don't like big crews.

Dinner would be provided, hopefully involving Pizza for one part of the shoot and Indian for another.

Keep in mind, I'm only looking for people that live really close to LA. I've had offers from people outside of LA, and it's just not feasible, as much as I'd like to do it.

Thanks in advance. You can reply here or PM me, or email me at tinylittlefilms@gmail.com. Thanks again, and happy costuming!
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