LORDNECROS-Holocron-DarthRevan Mask


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Well Followers of the strongest side of the force, I have stumbled upon something remarkable. The Holorcron of a very ancient and honored Sith Lord, Darth Reven himself. I have been instructed to make a mask after his instruction. And through hi tutelage I will grow stronger in the ways of the Force, and know the power of the Dark Side.

Alright I have a Geek Con coming up here in the next month and decided I was to be cosplaying a sith lord. So I ended up goig with Darth Reven for this time being. I have a costume orderd, that will be here shortly. And trying to find a mask was going to be out of my price range so decided to go with a DIY approach. While sticking to the mandates 501st Legion, approved costume for Darth Reven I will be creating a mask based from the game stills.

I decided to go with old school clay mold, then silicone mold for a cold cast approach. So far I have everything I need and as I get further along I will post more in this threas about the progress and completion.

Also making A ultimate version for display. So very excited to work on this project.

Also if you know of where to purchase a Silicone and resin from please tag this thread. Having difficulties finding it. And don't want to have to use th cheap chaulk can and watery soap method. And don't have time for an Online order.
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