Lord Voldemort: The Dark Lord Completed *pics*

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by DarthRH, May 10, 2012.

  1. DarthRH

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    I have been wanting to cosplay as Lord Voldemort For a while now as he is one of my Top Favorite Villians ever and now Have Finnaly completed it and had the chance to wear it To Acen 2012 for the first time at the Harry Potter Photoshoot there which was a *brilliant* event and amazingly my cosplay turned out a great success with everyone who saw so that made it more fun. Enjoy The Photos attached let me know what you think

    BreakDown of costume

    Robe- Green Replica robe
    Wand- nobel collection Elder wand
    Face- latex voldemort Face appliance (im already bald so no bald cap and works perfect for character lol) and white body paint
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  2. animefan

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    very cool you look like you just came out of the movie A+
  3. Steamboat Spidey

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    Wow! You did an awesome job! You definately have a bunch of talent!
  4. iycis

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    Nice work!
  5. familyman

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    Awesome man, I love the whole costume perfect.
  6. SmilingOtter

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    Looks awful. Or terrific. Whichever one would be a compliment. Good job! Did you scare any kids?
  7. DarthRH

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    Thanks for the compliments

    @SmilingOtter not yet but there's always halloween hahaha
  8. Darth Sparrow

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    AMAZING costume
  9. awestdesign

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    looks good, not a fan of store bought stuff, but atleast you got what you paid for
  10. MrNixon

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    Probably the best I've seen, well done!
  11. 9Gs

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    Agreed, one of the best Voldomort cosplays i've seen! Nice one! :thumbsup
  12. ACJay


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    Looks awesome!!
  13. vthedemon

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    That is just simply amazing!
  14. The Mandarin

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    looks great!
  15. FatMan

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    NICE! best I've seen :thumbsup

    I liked how voldemort had a hood in the first movie, how come he doesn't have one in 4 to 8?

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