Lord Vader Revealed Prosthetic


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I molded, sculpted, applied and did this foam latex appliance on my dad a little while ago and I am trying to get feedback from none bias people. I am always looking to improve my work so any thoughts or criticize is welcome. Thanks


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The paint could maybe be a little darker but the scars themselves came out great. Very natural looking the way they blend into the skin.


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wow, that really came out great!

my first impression would be that it could be darker in spots, some blues or purples thrown in there...of course this is coming from my head without any research of what he ACTUALLY looked like.:lol....I'm sure you did your homework

the prosthetics themselves looks amazing...great work!!


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i think you did a wonderful job on the prosthectics, the paint looks really good, my only thing is the flesh would be alittle paler. in the film vader seems really pale. no sunlight for years.

but over all, looks freaking great.

Lucien Kane

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Man I can't imagine the looks on people's faces if you were to wear this with the helmet, and then take it off. People's minds would blow. The scars could be darker, and the skin needs to be pale white. I am rather highly impressed!


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Thanks all. I did think that the skin needed to be paler also. The reactions of people where insane lol everything from being freaked out to jaw dropping reactions. The costume is my dads and he has been building it for yrs trying to perfect it. Thanks again for the compliments and criticism.
You have some talent there, I think it looks reallly great, I do agree with everybody that the skin should be a bit paler but it still looks great the way it is in the pics


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Not to mention your father looks the part and either shaved his head or the skull cap is done well.

Great work and a unique twist to the costume effect. Hope I get to see him at an upcomming Con or Event.


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This is just amazingly cool. As others have said, more palor, some darker tones to the scarring. Perhaps add in some veins, a little purple with a fine brush. Other than that, I have nothing but good to say about this! Reps for you, good sir!


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The makeup itself took like 3-4 hrs and as far as how long it took to mold his head, sculpt and mold the piece, etc......I have no idea lol. However as anyone in these forums can say it was all worth it! :) Thanks again to all for compliments. I am also wondering if there would be any interest in these prosthetic pieces if i were to do a run of them in foam latex....? Just trying to see if its worth having my molds shipped from home lol


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The application looks great, my only critique is the colouring. Did you seal the make up before painting as it looks like the foam pieces are a different colour to the skin.? I alway like to "prime" my application with a good sealer before painting as then all the paint goes on the same.

Also, flicking on the colour gives a real natural looking result and helps break up the edges
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