Lord of the Rings - Witch King Gauntlet Templates


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After seeing how hard it was to find a template for the Nazgul gauntlets, I decided to finally do something about it. However, I did find one online that I believed to be pretty good. So I do not take credit for this template whatsoever. I found it somewhere on instructables if I remember correctly, and I transcribed it to a more understandable form.

This was the original image:

Couldn't find the original creator, google image search had only given me a Russian website.

Here is the one I made:
I remade it because printing the original didn't have proper scale.

Now, to assemble, I added some templates to the second page of the template.
But, if you are wondering for more information, the six smaller images on the right side of the second page are named.

All the fingers are made from closest to wrist to tip of finger, firstly with the thumb.

-One piece THUMB and four pieces of G.

- The other four fingers are one piece of D1, 4 pieces of D2, 1 piece of D3, and one piece of D4.

The rest of the gauntlet, being the forearm and palm, is in an odd order. But similarly, the pieces are ordered from closest to shoulder, to the palm.

- It is firstly piece 7, then piece 4, then piece 3, then piece 2, then piece 1, then finally the knuckle-piece, piece 8.

To finish everything, there are some images used in the original template that I also added to mine, they will help you fully understand the gauntlet. If you have any questions, comment below, and I'll see about responding.


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Oops, it's upside down, look up how to rotate it with whatever pdf viewer you are using. Or if not, just print it out and flip the page around.


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Could someone post a PDF file of this that does not go through Mediafire?
Because Mediafire doesn't work on my computer. Thanks.


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This are Not The Witsch King gauntlets.
this are Nazgul glove.

the Witch King wear other Kind of gauntlets.