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    Hi There.For Our 1st Wedding anniversary. I plan to buy my wife "The One Ring". After Googling for a week, i have to say Jen Hansens ring quality is on the top one.But the thing is, im not a loaded guy. $99 seems too much to me.and this didn't includes shipping to Malaysia ( Where i live). Most from Ebay are low quality.Same with amazon.my second and the best choice are from badalijewelry. Cool Quality. Nicely craved ring. AWEsomeeee..But..sadly. They didn't shipped to malaysia. So guys..As both from Jens and badalijewelry as a references. Do you have any idea where can i get this One ring..

    -Can shipped to Malaysia
    -Im delighted if the ring are Gold Filled
    -Price Under $40 ( didnt includes Shipping cost)
    -Size between 6-7 ( US Size)


    If i post this in the wrong thread. im sorry. And sorry for my bad English
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    The thing about less expensive replicas is accuracy. There is something about the shape of the Jens Hansen rings that have more substance. Thin rings might be more comfortable, but they look cheaper. Also, the lettering - some lettering looks ultra large, inelegant and makes the ring look cheaper.

    I would still purchase a Jens Hansen product, even if it's gold plated. You can always upgrade it later on when you have a budget. They may have a greater likelihood of holding value over a cheap imitation.

    The Jens Hansen site points out that the gold plating would lose its luster in about 2 years under normal wear and tear, but I believe these can be re-plated by any jewelry shop.
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    Who wouldnt.But Its out of my budget.cause i have to consider the shipping cost as well. it will cause me total 400+ by the time it reach my hand...Crying out loud
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    why would it cost $300 for shipping on something so small?!?!?!

    i just sent a 30inch wood sign to turkey that weighed 4 pounds with the highest shipping for around $50
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    badalijewelry: US 39.95(ring) + US 35.00(shipping)=US 74.95 / 273.52 MYR

    jenshansen:US 99.00(ring) +
    US 29(shipment)=US128 / 467.00 MYR

    Rather thn asking me why its expensive..should we discuss the alternative...? : )
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    Hi Zackjords, I am sure the other posters were just confused as you mention 400+ which one would assume is USD and not MYR.

    Anyway, I would still, if possible, dig deep and get the Jens Hansen ring. You have the confidence of buying from a reliable vendor
    with the added bonus that this is the original designer and maker of "The One Ring" itself. If this is your First wedding anniversary I would
    go for it, trust me its a great investment :) it should keep you out of the dog house for at least a 1.5 years maybe 2 if you are lucky and
    she wears it often :) Weta Workshop also sell this ring through their shop, personally I would go for the ring without elvish runes but that's
    another conversation. All the best.
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    The One.png
    I Finally Bought It.Thanks Guys.

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