Looking to make a TOS star trek console


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Hello all, over the COVID lockdown I've gotten into some crafting, done a few things like painting pre-made props (got a great looking Stapleton phaser and hypospray) but am now looking to do something involving actual woodworking and electronics. I'm curious if anyone on here could point me to references relating to the original Star Trek bridge stuff. That is blueprints or diagrams. It looks boxy/simple enough, I just don't know where to look.

Ideally, I'd want to make my own captain's chair, but I want to start with just some of the blinky computers.

I've found some references along the way, e.g.:

but most of the stuff I'm finding is either incomplete, clearly made up, or full of dead image links.

I think I've found enough to scavenge together 4 or 5 panels, like the coolant temperature display from The Corbomite Maneuver (seen here:Primary manifold), but are there any better references?

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