Looking to buy a newer series Cylon Centurion Head full scale


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Hello everyone,
I'm going to start scratch building my own 7 foot tall Cylon Centurion from the newer TV series next month completely out of PVC. I am looking to buy a full scale head that is not painted, just a plastic casting. It needs to be 1:1 scale without the red eye as I have that already. If anyone has one or can make one from a mold, and it isn't too expensive please let me know as soon as possible. This is going to go to an old friend of mine who is a longtime fan of the BSG series. I'll do all the modifications needed to make it look real, but can't seem to find one. I almost had one earlier this year, but the person ripped me off $100 saying he had one for sale, and had pics to prove it. When he got my money he removed himself off the internet, and never heard from him again. So I'm going to be extremely careful this time around.

Please help me out if you can. I'd be very grateful. Thank you. I'm attaching a pic of the head I'm looking for.


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Would you happen to know of someone that could do it for me?
Unfortunately not, I print my own stuff, and I'm definitely not confident enough in the quality of my prints to offer. You'd be better off googling a 3d printing place local to you.

Here are some of the models I've come across:
Battestyar Galactica Centurian ( Cylon ) Helmet Remix by Jace1969
Download file Cylon robot helmet, Batlestar Galactica • 3D printer design ・ Cults
At least you can see what's available before going down the 3d printing rabbit hole.

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