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Want to Buy Looking for Witcher Steel+Silver Swords

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by lilwolf555, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. lilwolf555

    lilwolf555 New Member

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    Post says it all. I'm looking to do a cosplay of either Geralt or Lambert from The Witcher series and looking for someone to make the swords for prop use.

    I want to avoid all foam builds, I am looking for something sturdy/hardy that will be able to look like a steel blade. (something coated in fiberglass, resin, wood etc)

    The Silver Sword: (Pics in links) Few differ, want it like the actual blade in first link in appearance; maybe without the grooves, undecided yet on that)
    Silver Sword of The Witcher, type B, the full versionWorkshop Zbroyev falvarak - a creative workshop of smiths-armorers Minsk, Belarus | Workshop Zbroyev falvarak - a creative workshop of smiths-armorers Minsk, Belarus
    Witcher silver sword


    Steel Sword. :http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-DpelW3aVPgA/T-LPQFraYmI/AAAAAAAAAC8/_PQO_vucAEU/s1600/DSCF1341.JPG (Would want the handle a little different since it looks non-seamless/messy in that pic)
    http://cf.shacknews.com/images/2013...e_silver_and_steel_blades_of_geralt_26911.jpg I want the hilt/grip of the steel sword like as shown in the pic (NOT the wolf head one, the more plain one)
    http://cf.shacknews.com/images/20130821/the_witcher_3_wild_hunt_geralt_and_his_two_swords_26911.jpg another view of the Steel Sword. I also want the wrapping on the base of the actual blade as shown in this pic, not the solid mass of pleather as shown in initial link.

    If anyone may be willing/ knows someone that may be willing to produce these, please message me or reply on this thread. I've been looking everywhere with no luck and I deeply want these!

    Thanks in advance.

    (Also, I do want actual steel blades, combat ready would be cool (carbon steel), so if anyone knows a smithy in the US that wont charge like 1500+ that'd be awsome as well.
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  2. Atlas

    Atlas Well-Known Member

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    You'll want to start looking for steel practice swords (Good places to look for are KultofAthena and Swordbuyersguide). I'm assuming you want good quality steel, but without a sharp edge and rounded tip for safety, practice swords like that aren't terribly expensive (200$-600$). Unlike one'd expect, good fighting swords are not very customizable, you probably won't be able to order a sword to your preference directly, but I'm pretty confident it wouldn't be too hard to find a smith or a metal shop to make you ones to your liking. Though, some(most?) swords have the crossguard and pommel friction ft and/or soldered, so that operation might clobber the f*** out of the blade's heat treat.
    Luckily, re-wrapping a handle to your liking is pretty trivial, I recently re-did one of my swords using these guides:


    Funny enough- the first steel sword reference picture is a prop that I made :D You are right with the grip, it's jut thin strips of real leather wrapped around a PVC pipe, with a faucet knob attached as a pommel.

  3. lilwolf555

    lilwolf555 New Member

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    Appreciate the links and I have looked on those sites before, found somewhat close but not enough for me to hop up and purchase.

    Im more interested in prop ones at the moment, something for cons.(Fiberglass, wood etc) I don't really have many tools to make anything that well sadly, so am hoping someone would take a commission for them.

    (Have found some smiths.. and holy crap. they want thousands. )
  4. TaylorJacob

    TaylorJacob New Member

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    Can you give a price range for wooden made swords? I haven't done it in a while but when I did they looked good, and of course I don't have any pics :(
  5. lilwolf555

    lilwolf555 New Member

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    Price range is flexible to a point, I dont want to be spending like 500 though since these are rather simple blades. (I do want engravings on the silver sword, which I have pics for.. attaching to this post

    Sadly, I'd want to see your work before deciding also, especially before doing any type of payment to ensure reputable and reliable. Any current work your doing on anything?

    witcher3_2015_07_03_21_10_25_623.png witcher3_2015_07_03_21_10_30_901.png witcher3_2015_07_03_21_10_23_742.png witcher3_2015_07_03_21_10_25_623.png witcher3_2015_07_03_21_10_30_901.png witcher3_2015_07_03_21_10_23_742.png

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