Looking for the style of cowboy hat Marty wore in BTTF III


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I'm going to a dude ranch this summer and wanted to buy a cowboy hat. I will be visiting Western Apparel stores and wanted a hat that closely resembles Marty's hat (as Clint Eastwood) in Back to the Future III

For those of you who know your hat styles, what style of hat is this called that I could call around and ask? I've seen the "Gambler" or "telescope" or even "bolero" style mentioned, but I feel like the crown is much higher than those styles.

Anyone else go down this hole and have some advice? Or are you.... yella?



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You're looking for a "flair top" crown. Think Pale Rider, and be ready to spend some cash if you want something exact or close. Try here- Knudsen Hat co You could also try Baron Hats out of L.A., but again accuracy has some cost. Both places produce excellent hats though.


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Thank you, that is very helpful. I'm headed to Montana and will be visiting several western shops and wanted to locate something thats "close enough" for photos. I appreciate it.

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