Looking for the Jayne Cobb Pistol from the series

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Skruddgemire, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Skruddgemire

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    I've seen places (here as well) that have shown the resin replica for the Modified LeMat pistol that Jayne Cobb uses in the TV series.

    But my Google-fu is weak and I am unable to find out where I can actually *purchase* such a beast. The best I can come up with is replica LeMat Pistols but I am not skilled enough to take one of those and modify it to the TV specs.

    I've seen a very useful thread in here where one can take the LeMat replica and with parts from the resin can modify it...

    ...but does anyone know where I can get the Resin Model from which to either paint and have done or can take the LeMat and mod from there?

  2. JohnsonArms

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    I can help with the painting, but I don't do much fabrication due to the time involved. PM me if you'd like some examples of my work. Thanks and good luck!

    Johnson Arms
  3. Skruddgemire

    Skruddgemire New Member

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    As someone who paints miniatures, the painting of the replica is not the problem. I can take care of that myself.

    I can also assemble a kit without too much difficulty.

    It's the Resin Kit itself that I need.
  4. SirNedKingsly

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    Try looking for the seller Wilco - he makes one of the better resin models of this gun.
  5. Sundowner

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    Wilco has a great resin replica. I would recommend you stay away from Arsenal/Cool Models on eBay because they are notorious recasters.
  6. blubeetle3

    blubeetle3 Well-Known Member

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    You could try Richard Coyle (RACProps). I know he made some. He might have some left for sale.
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  7. DrMcoy

    DrMcoy Sr Member

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    PM me -- I have one for sale -- I think I got it from Rich. Painted up...only thing it needs is the round ring that hangs off bottom.
  8. oldgojira

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    I'm looking for Jayne Cobbs gun too :)

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