Looking for the Captain America "Pirate Boots"


Hey Gang! I'm looking for some high quality boots for a Captain America build that I am doing. I'm not sure how I want to proceed with the boots, but I am thinking of doing the "pirate boots" .

Does anyone know where a guy can purchase some cool Captain America boots? I don't want them to lace up anywhere (on the boot or the cuff)



Thanks for the links GBrittelleJr. I am not much of a sewing expert (I don't even have a needle and thread in my home) And I want my costume to look really cool (and don't trust myself) I'm willing to try and do my own muscle suit and even attempt to make a helmet... but boots... not so much :l

I was on either this site or another costuming site and someone had a link to a site where you could create the Cap Boots (including the shape of the toe, the height of the heel... all that good stuff) Anyone know what site that was?
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