Looking for suggestions on Star Wars comics.


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Hey everyone,

Is anyone here up on the Star Wars comics universe? (I'm sure there is!) Just wondering what's good while I'm on this SW trip :)



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Sometimes you have to be patient on responses. It's the holidays and a lot of us are busy with work and family stuff.

Having said that, I am sure someone will speak up and offer you tons of great suggestions. I know that there are several Dark Horse comics that are very famous and well loved!



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Answering post #2.

I have the first ~30. I love the old comic stylizations.


The new stuff has overworked 80's airbrush written all over it.



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Wasn't trying to sound impatient lol I was just surprised that given how much traffic this place gets, there were so few views.

Thanks for the suggestions Darth! I'll check em out :)


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I've heard the Knight Errant books are good. I have the first TPB coming and the second series is still being published. The Old Republic series that ties in with the game looks pretty good. Have those on the way too.


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I liked the comics dealing with the events during the prequels a lot. But after the disaster of the actual prequel movies, I haven't touched any Star Wars related items. It doesn't help that George Lucas made a comment that if it doesn't happen in the movies it doesn't matter.

Anyway, I do have the first Old Republic comic which was good. I read the #0 Legacy issue which was good too. Jan Duursema's work in Star Wars is consistently strong. I believe she has a new series that's either out or about to start. It deals with the origins of the Force and the Jedi. However, I have a bunch of Star Wars books and comics on my list that I'll probably never end up getting just because it feels like a product now.


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The first Dark Empire series from Dark Horse is pretty good. Although it was one of the first new Star Wars publications in a LONG time, so maybe I'm just remembering it as being better than it actually is. :lol


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I also enjoyed the first KOTOR series, and am looking forward to reading the new series that ties in with the MMO.


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I thought Dark Horse's Star Wars Tales was a great series. Lots of fun reading in there. I've got most of the individual issues and I've been meaning to pick up the collections.

cayman shen

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I love the Tales of the Jedi and the Jedi vs. Sith comics. The Dark Times and Clone Wars are great. I LOVE the old Marvel run. Jango Fett Open Seasons. Boba Fett Death Lies and Treachery. The Heir to the Empire trilogy. The first Dark Empire.


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Wow thank you all for the suggestions! I think theres enough material to keep me going for years haha the KoTOR stuff looks great so far.

Feel free to keep em coming!



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Right. Here's my take.

Al Williamson & Archie Goodwin's stuff is fantastic. It's been reprinted in trade paperbacks. If they worked on it, it's probably good. I just discovered they did an adaptation of Han Solo at Star's End, which I intend to get, but I can absolutely vouch for the stuff they did otherwise. Their artwork has a very "Flash Gordon" feel to it, which is nice considering Star Wars is sort of the modern incarnation thereof.

The KOTOR series is also terrific, beginning with the very first appearance in Dark Horse Comics #7, I believe. You can probably pick these up as one of Dark Horse's "Omnibus" collections. I read the KOTOR stuff from that up through, if memory serves, the Sith War. The rest of it I don't know about, though. I didn't like the artwork for the stuff about the Sith Empire (separate from the Ulic Qel-Droma storyline, I mean), so I didn't pay much attention to it.

The Marvel stuff...I actually go back and forth on. I didn't read a ton of it, but what I did read seemed not to be as entertaining to me as the Williamson/Goodwin stuff. (Although Williamson and Goodwin did the Star Wars film adaptations under the Marvel brand, so those are good.)

The adaptations of the Zahn trilogy are also fun to read. I recommend checking them out.

I didn't read much of it, but I enjoyed what little I saw of the X-wing focused series.

Anything prequel-related I avoid, though -- including the Clone Wars stuff, the stuff about other Jedi before the purge, etc.

The Dark Empire I and II are also fun, and I think I remember there being a final chapter to that as well (a third entry, but not called Dark Empire).

Anyway, definitely check out the "Omnibus" collections from Dark Horse (which includes reprints of the Marvel series), as long as you don't mind a slightly smaller format than standard comic book sized pages.
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