Looking for suggestions on how to sculpt the "R" on a Forever Robin mask


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Hey all,

I'be been working on a Forever Robin mask for a while, (there are some old pics in a thread here somewhere) still tweaking things but I'm nearly ready to add the R on the forehead.

Now I'll be honest, I'm completely stumped about the best way to go about it. I've tried cutting clay up but its so damn small, it just doesn't work.

Markus and I were talking a while back and we came up with possibly using a dremel with an engraving tool on a small block of resin but I'm not too sure about this method either.

Normally if I cant get something smooth in the clay stage, I'll just mold it and sand a hardcopy but I can't even figure out how to get to that point :lol

Any ideas folks? I've had the urethane sat here ready to make these for a while and I really wanna get this thing done before it goes bad :confused



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Hmm, the only good image I could find is this one and I'd go about it by taking some clay, flatten it out to a pretty thin thickness, and cut out the shapes you need. Plant them on the mask and using whatever you got lying around (traditional sculpting tools, your hands, etc), smooth the pieces until they are uniform. Of the tighter spaces on my projects, I use q-tips and water to smooth out and help blend seams together.

Personally, I'd break it down into shapes. The circle behind the 'r' being the only whole piece and the rest individual shapes to be placed accordingly. Smoothing and shaping them to the desired effect once it's all on and content with.


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Thanks for finding that photo! Looks like the original sculpt sealed for molding.

I'll give your idea a try, its something I had thought of doing but I just need to keep at it.
Thanks for the reply!

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