Looking for SG-1 fatigues

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I'm hoping to make a Samantha Carter costume.

Does anyone know where I can get the green fatigues, black vest or green hat?

I have quite a bit of time, so I'm not in a hurry.

I already have most of the patches and I'll probably do my own version of the boots (I want them to be comfortable since I'll be walking around in them all day). The wig should be simple to find.

Any advice would be super.


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I have used Mission Critical Equipment for the Professional a couple times
I have also used Brigade Quartermasters - Gear: Above and Beyond Standard Issue and U.S. Cavalry - Proudly Serving Military and Law Enforcement Professionals

If you want the jacket they usually wear you will need to buy a custom jacket, or you can use the standard G8 WEP they wore in Children of the Gods.

This site has a good list of parts and where to buy them.

There is an overview of components here, but no shopping links.
FAQ: Stargate SG-1 OD Offworld Costume Guide. - ScifiHero.NET


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SciFiHero.net is the place to be for all things Stargate.

They have screen accurate jackets for sale but as moviebuff said, you could always buy a real G8 WEP and go with the look from the pilot.

The correct Blackhawk vest is very hard to find nowadays. BH do still sell a medic vest but it's so different from the SG-1 vest that it's not even worth considering imo.

Trousers are easy enough to find tho if you're going for screen accurate you need to get them in the old Vietnam style without the reinforced panels.

Screen accurate boots are Magnums. I have a pair of Classics and they are some of the most confortable boots I have ever worn.

Carter has worn both the patrol cap and boonie so you can go with either. You can pick them up pretty much anywhere.

Carter also tended to carry a Zat rather than an M9 pistol after the first few series. Resin Zat kits turn up on a certain auction website quite often. You can get a Zat holster from The Vest Guy. In fact, The Vest Guy also does a version of the medic vest. I've never seen one in person or know of anyone who's bought one so I can't vouch for the quality. His Zat holsters are pretty good tho.

Think that should get you started... ;)


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Depending on the boots used throughout the show, it appeared to be either US Military grade Flight boots (all black), or the US Panama Combat boot (leather and canvas upper). Usually ranging from 24 bucks (lowest price for Panama Combat boots), to almost 165 bucks for flight boots.

You can always find the OD pants at any army navy store, and would usually run you around 35 bucks new.

Patrol caps (in many styles and colors) range from 4-6 bucks on average

As for the vest, I wouldn't know where to look, as I haven't seen them in a long time, you can always substitute with an LBV dyed black?
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