Looking for replica Old West money (Back to the Future, Bill & Ted etc)


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I'm looking for replica prop currency that would fit in from the late 1800s, particularly California, but anything that would fit an Old West theme would work. I did this photo composition to look like it's the poker game from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. I had no currency so I used Civil War era poker chips.

I've since purchased an 1890s replica Morgan Silver Dollar that I can use, but some appropriate era paper currency would be cool too. I do have replica Civil War bills, but those are mostly northern states.

I have looked at many popular Prop Money websites, but all I can find is 1900s and on. I'm not opposed to printing and aging my own, but I've been somewhat overwhelmed and didn't want to use the wrong kind. Would this be right? Rare Five Dollar Bills from the 1880s | Price Guide | Antique Money

Side quest: I inquired awhile ago, if anyone knows the name/type of the deck of cards that was actually used in the production of Bill & Ted, I'd love to track that down (most likely a contemporary replica). All I could find was that it had a blue patterned back, and no indices.

Thanks for any help you can lend!

Here is the first draft of my Bill & Ted poker game photo, but I'm looking to do another.

heres the replicas of Doc Browns money he had in the case in back to the future 2


  • doc 1985.JPG
    doc 1985.JPG
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  • doc 1955.JPG
    doc 1955.JPG
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  • doc 1934.JPG
    doc 1934.JPG
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  • doc 1923.JPG
    doc 1923.JPG
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  • doc 1917.JPG
    doc 1917.JPG
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  • doc 1914b.JPG
    doc 1914b.JPG
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  • doc 1914a.JPG
    doc 1914a.JPG
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  • doc 1914.JPG
    doc 1914.JPG
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  • doc 1902.JPG
    doc 1902.JPG
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  • doc 1875.JPG
    doc 1875.JPG
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  • doc 1864a.JPG
    doc 1864a.JPG
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  • doc 1864.JPG
    doc 1864.JPG
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  • doc 1864 b.JPG
    doc 1864 b.JPG
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  • doc 1863.JPG
    doc 1863.JPG
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  • doc 1861.JPG
    doc 1861.JPG
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  • doc 2020.JPG
    doc 2020.JPG
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