Looking for reference pics - USS Excelsior Filming Model


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I'm currently trying to build the shuttle/cargo bay thingamajig area on the underside of the Excelsior secondary hull. I've collected a decent amount of reference pics but nothing that shows the area along the back wall. So far I have one of the pontoon like structures built, the crossbar frame it connects to and am modifying the drop down tower. I'm just not sure how it all goes together. I guess I'm looking for a close up, down on shot inside the cutout.

Here are the pics I have, if anyone has something I don't that could shed some light on this area I would greatly appreciate it.


Mike J.

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No, you need to talk to Captain Sulu (just kidding).

Maybe this will help - but probably not.

-Mike J.
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Yeah,that's Ralphee's build.I haven't seen/heard anything on it in a while.I don't know if he is still working on it?It is pretty impressive.
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