Looking for recommendations, what to use this leather for?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Risu, Mar 26, 2012.

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    OK, so way back I made myself a pair of Mal boots from Firefly. In order to do it I had to buy a whole cowhide that cost more money than I would have liked to spend, only to use a corner of it for the boots.


    It's a slightly reddish cow hide with a very visible grain, a little bit stretchy and somewhere around 1.5 oz. My sewing machine can handle it and it's easy to work with. The problem is I have no idea what to do with the rest of it. It's enough to make a hip length jacket, but probably not anything longer than that. The red color pretty much stops it from being useful for anything I can think of specifically, no Indy jacket, Rocketeer jacket, etc. It's not a very commonly used brown color. I might want to turn it into some kind of original creation eventually, but for now I'd like to find out if there's actually a costume piece I could make with it. Or alternatively somebody can buy it off me if they want it I suppose, I do have my eye on some fabric for a Bladerunner coat I don't have the money for.
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    What about book covers, or wrist guards, or strapping or belts? You could cover a breastplate with it or a shield or something along those lines also.
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    You could make a hat, or a brooch, or pterodactyl.....

    or more seriously, pouches or bags for a Steampunk type outfit or for an original Star Wars type costume... just a few thoughts
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    I'll admit to being colourblind - but is it not a similar shade of leather to the TFA gauntlet gloves?
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    I was about to say... I know what you can do with it! You can make ME a pair of Mal boots! hehe...

    Seriously. I don't need to add a Mal to my costume collection... Well... Maybe.
  7. ReplicaGod

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    Are you sure it's leather? It looks like pleather with it having that texture on the surface.
  8. Kevin Gossett

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    Never seen pebbled leather before?
  9. Risu

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    I almost feel insulted, haha. Yes, it's absolutely leather. It stretches, it breathes, it doesn't have a fabric backing, it came in the shape of a dead animal, not a bolt, etc.

    DM, if you're actually interested in Mal boots, shoot me a PM. I might be able to negotiate another pair of spats out of this hide as well, or there's always the future possibility of getting a new hide later.
  10. Crusaderman2004

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    Hey Risu, another PM Sent regarding the Mal boots. :)

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