Looking for obscure Millennium Falcon 5 footer references photos


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Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for photos of the 5 footer's bottom port side rear quadrant, opposite the quadrant with the big gash/hole.

Believe it or not, this area is very poorly represented in the available reference photos.

I have all the images from the reference links from NKG's amazing website:

Plus I've got all the images from a One Drive that had about 1,400 photos in it.

But these are the best images I've found so far:


Most of the existing shots are at an extreme angle, or out of focus.

Does anyone have clear close ups and detail shots of this particular area?


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There are definitely big areas of the underside which aren't very thoroughly documented by fan photos. This is because of the way the five footer is mounted for public display these days - it's sort of angled.

*5 lightsP1030413a.jpg DSC_2655.jpg DSC_2258.jpg Bottom Left Rear.jpg


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