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Looking for information on screenused "streethawk" motorcycles

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by The Prop Stop, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. The Prop Stop

    The Prop Stop Sr Member

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    Basically wondering if other than the cars of the stars bike that came up on ebay in 20001 or something like that if anybody knows of any others of these bikes in a museum, or private collection.

    Rumours where they were all sold in Colorado area back in late 1980's.
  2. JMChladek

    JMChladek Sr Member

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    You can find some of the basic information about the stunt bikes here:

    The man...The Machine...STREET HAWK!

    There is I believe one other Streethawk bike out there that ended up in private hands. Chris Bromham, one of the original show stunt riders (a UK based bike stuntman) restored one of the bikes used in the series. Here you can find him riding it in a video (wearing one of the Street Hawk costumes). I am pretty sure it is a different bike from what Cars of the Stars had as I saw that bike in person back in 2004. Both bikes look pretty similar though (Chris' bike seems blacker in color than the deep dark metallic look of the museum bike, indicating one might have been a hero bike and the other a stunt bike)

    Chris Bromham riding the original Street Hawk Bike - YouTube
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  3. The Prop Stop

    The Prop Stop Sr Member

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    I believe the earlier one is the version he built for himself.

    I think Im more interested in the ones that arent so publicly known....they MUST be out there somewhere...
  4. greenguy

    greenguy Well-Known Member

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    One that was stripped down sold a few months back. In the photo used to sell it the fiberglass nosecone was still attached. But after speaking with the seller it was discovered that it was a old photo and the bike had been fully stripped of its custom parts.

    That was only the 2nd bike I've discovered since starting to search in 1997.
  5. YenChih Lin

    YenChih Lin Sr Member

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    Andrew Probert, who designed the Enterprise-D, had a documentation on his site, how the bike was done. There were at least three different bikes with different noses.

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