Looking for Infinity War Iron Spider Webshooters

Quantum Stan

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3D file-Spider-man "Far From Home" web-shooters. I did an unfold on this file but it did not come out right.
Maybe this will work, I have a paper file of the Iron Spider version going to make one with EVA, depending how it comes out I may post it.


Quantum Stan

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Okay, I put together a quick file, cut and assembled one while dinner cooked.
6mm EVA HD Foam, I think the wrist band would be better in 4mm.
I'm going to do some accents then I'll post the PDF file sometime tomorrow.

3.29.19 Update: I'm still working on these final files, I've modded cuts and added accents.
Just a couple more builds in front I'm actually going to use these myself on my Lego Spider-man

Spiderman-Webshooter-Infinity-War.jpg Spiderman-Webshooter-Infinity-War-6mm.jpg
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