Looking for ideas, advice, a for lighting and tinting a hemet visor. Canti from FLCL.

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    Okay, Hi all, I'm a new member here, just getting into cosplay, and i need help.

    I am currently working on an EVA foam cosplay from FLCL. The EVA foam is all fine and dandy, but this particular character requires a full head helmet, that is essentially a tv screen. This screen, for the purposes of my costume, needs to be both tinted light blue, but only see through from the inside. Now this doesn't sound too hard by itself, except for the light color of the tint, but the next requirement is where it gets real challenging. I need to figure out a way to have the screen look blank most of the time, but be able to toggle a red symbol onto the screen. like so.
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    I have been looking into edge lighting a sheet of plexiglass by etching the symbol into the sheet, and turning the LED's on when i wanted the symbol to appear, but there are a few issues with that:
    1. The clear sheet can not be the top layer, since the etching would be visible even with the LED's off.
    2. If i have the sheet tinted, or another sheet in front of it tinted, I don't think the lighting would come out very red or very bright.

    As you can see, problem 2 can be avoided by placing the sheet as an outer layer, with the tint behind it on another layer, but then problem 1 arises.

    I read somewhere that with edge lighting that is you use a really really sharp blade to slice lines in the plexi, they will be so fine, you can't see them well unless the sheet is lit, but i'm not sure about how well it would work,and if the symbol would look so good if only composed of thin lines.

    If you guy's have any ideas on how to accomplish this lighting effect, and even how to manage making a visor that looks blue from the outside, but still allows the wearer to see out, any help is appreciated.

    If i need to give up on the red showing through the blue without turning purple or sumthin wierd, i might give up and do this instead, if it seems more practical.
    View attachment 510185

    And lastly , if there are any FLCL fans reading this, I love you, and I just want you to know that this is going to be the sweetest FLCL cosplay you have ever seen, and the most accurate. I will soon be starting a cosplay page and junk, and here is an early progress picture, for those interested.

    Thanks in advance for any help, everyone!

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