Looking for help with rubber buttons from Mission Impossible Fallout.


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I'm creating the detonator from Mission: Impossible Fallout that has rubber buttons with custom labels on it. Like "Safe On" and some symbols. Similar to the buttons of a remote control or key fob. Any ideas on how I can achieve this or a place to get stickers like it?



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First,: Head over to this thread: Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) - Nuke remote trigger device

Those style buttons are typically done in reverse printed velvet finished poly-carbonate. They are called membrane switches. This is a very common labeling technique, used on one everything from your car dash, to the panel you see on a gas pump. Most any label company can make them. They can even be back-lit if you get an opaque black ink.

Assuming you don't need them functional: You can duplicate them at home by printing a reversed image on some matte transparency sheeting.

/Edit: I just looked at the images in the other thread, and realize the buttons are not behind the top panel, but flush with it. In that case they would be molded plastic buttons, made in white, and then coated in black rubber, then laser-etched to add the labels. This could be done by laser-cutting out white acrylic disks, painting them with plastidip, and then laser etching away the text.