Looking for help with my first cosplay


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I've always wanted to cosplay and now that cons are starting up again, it's as good a time as any!

As my first cosplay, I want to perform Kongming from Ya Boy Kongming. I found a few sites that sell the costume (like go2cosplay and this much cheaper one on skycostume). The first noting that the costume is made of "Uniform cloth", which I've heard is basically the cheapest of the cheap and the latter claiming it's made of velvet, which the price seems too little for. Problem is, I can't really find much info on either of them online, but they'd be in my price range. Sadly I can't sew and neither can anyone I know, so it seems like the only option without having to specifically commission it for 300+$.

I'd very much appreciate experiences of you bought from either before, recommendations for other sites or knowledge on how to get that cosplay for <140$ from a trustworthy seller.
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