Looking for good STYRENE glue


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Anybody know of a GOOD styrene glue that I can get online? I'll also be needing some sheet styrene since all the local hobby shops have closed.

Does anyone know what the thicknesses of the sheets are? I can't remember. I want it thin, but not paper thin.
I have found you can get decent deals on drop off sheets of styrene and abs if you simply follow Ebay, lots of shops dumps larger scraps for 50% of retail...

There are two ways to bond styrene... You can use a solvent based adhesive that melts the two pieces together basically welding them... There are many choices, they mostly all work the same though, the biggest difference being how thick they are, some are gels others are water thin... I use Ambroid Proweld most of the time, water thin so it soaks right in the seam, I clamp the parts (lightly as the solvent softens the styrene) and then take a brush and run it along the seam, the solvent soaks into the seam and it's one piece... Others will prefer more heavily bodied solvents that they can apply to both sides and then clamp... I don't have any suggestions on the heaver bodied solvents...

I have found that for traditional glues Devcon Plastic Welder (or other knocks offs) work VERY well... They are two part flexible epoxies, but they contain solvents that self etch the plastic so the bond is real strong...

And last by not least you could try an isocyanate glue (super glue) get the professional hobby formulas not the Wal-Mart varieties... Some people swear by them, but personally it's my last choice as I have yet to find a isocyanate glue that bonds as well as the choices I supplied above, they don't seem to handle flexing of the plastic well if at all from my experience...
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