looking for feedback/ideas for a prop


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I broke down and bought some extra "adam" vials (the ones that have clarks blood serum that brings people back from the dead. too bad they didnt save a bottle for pa).

its the "hardware" version though, not an actual serum vial, but a lil vial of some kinda vitamin extract.

anyway, long story short, a while ago i tried to have something engraved on the official vial, but it came out pretty craptastic. just for fun i ran a few of these past my engraver, and they came out beautifully. i think its the thicker glass maybe.

anywho, what would you engrave on 3 or 4 of these? im thinking just a random barcode on there. possibly the luthorcorp logo, but thats pushing it a bit for even EU.

just looking for some ideas. these are pretty tiny vials, near the size of a AA battery, so no good looking quarantine symbol (cause we tried that). names and letters come out ok.

im having some work done later next week, and figured id sorta "bump up" the collection a notch or two with some extra life juice in there, so feel free to offer up ideas on what would look kinda cool on the vials.