Want to Buy Looking for broken/poorly pulled Stormtrooper parts

S Tracinya

New Member
Hey all. I'm looking to throw a Death Trooper suit together for a friend of mine. So if you've got any broken parts you'd otherwise throw away or keep in a box, I'll be happy to take them off your hands. Origin and maker doesn't matter -- can be your old FX parts if that's what you have, as long as it's approvable when I'm finished with 'em.
Don't have a whole lot to cash to throw around, so be kind in your asking price ;) I'm not looking to buy a whole beat up kit at once, just grabbing parts here and there as I can afford 'em.

Chest armor
One shoulder strap
Two shoulder bells
Back plate
Abdomen/cod plate
Belt boxes
Kidney plate
Butt plate
Left and right forearms
Right thigh
Left shin
Sniper knee plate

I'll pay for rubber brow trim too, if you have it.