Looking for "terrified" 1:24 scale people....


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Hey all,

I'm working on my first monster custom display/diorama.... The monster is 9. 75" tall and is supposed to be 25' tall in actuality... So, doing the math (I'm new to this measuring and scale stuff), I am guessing that the people should be of the 1:24th scale (about 3" tall) in order to keep the perspectives and ratios correct...

That being said, it seems that 1:24th are isn't the most popular size of people.... So I'm having some trouble in my search.

I'm looking for 1:24th scale people (already painted) who are looking up and pointing, or screaming, and/or running away.... Those would be the perfect poses.... Do they even exist? I'm hoping they are readily available and not top expensive.... For example, I see bags of 50 of the really small (1:4th scale) people for pike $10, hah.

Oh, if it makes a HUGE difference in availability or practicality, I'm willing to go a little larger or smaller on the size of the people.... Just let me know! Guide me!


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Your monster is actually 1/31 scale and a 6' human would be 2.32"
Closest you will probably get is 1/32 and 1/35 scale which are standard military modeling sizes.

A 1/4 scale person would be 18" tall
1/6 is 12" GI Joe size ;)


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I would say your scale is closer to 1:32 than 1:24. A 9.75" figure x 24 would be 19'-6" total height. At 1:32, 9.75" x 32 comes out to 26'-0".

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I'll definitely check that calculator out... Thanks for the input...

As with most of my hobbies, I will jump in both feet first can learn everything possible quicker than a normal human should.... Lol. This is the start....

I was thinking that I would want solid-cast figures opposed to GI Joe style jointed figures.... To give it me of a retro look.

Perhaps I'll go with smaller figures.... Or pretend that my mobster is larger.... Hmmm...

Also, do they sell scared looking or pointing figures anywhere?


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KQ, consider buying a 1/35 scale 'army men' figure kit (such as Tamiya) at the local hobby shop and some Apoxie Sculpt epoxy modeling 'clay' and try your hand at modifying the figures. Modding is much easier than sculpting an entire figure since the proportions are 'predetermined' for you. Use a razor saw to separate the figures into parts for reposing. Removing heads to change the sightline & /or altering the jaw for open mouth expressions is really very easy.

Other sources for figures (especially civilians) might include Preiser of Germany [link to Walthers RR supply catalog] which has a wide range of pre & unpainted figures in many scales, though most of their offerings are sized to go with railroad 'scales' (for example, 'G' scale is 1/24 scale, though not what you need now...) Also, Plastruct which produces materials used by architectural modelers has a (very) limited range of basic generic figures in their catalog, in various scales.

Regards, Robert


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Thanks so much..... The $34 was a bit much for what I needed, but your link lead me to a $10 version (less figures) that is utterly PERFECT! HERE: Horrified Movie Victims Action Figures (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I77186S/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_lNzovb1QJM7BC)

I was searching for the words "figures" and "figurines" and that never produced any results... I never would have thought of searching for "victims".

Thanks, and I'll post pics when I'm done...


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No worries,
I just remember seeing them linked from a blog I read ages ago I think it was gizmodo or something like that. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I do love a big monster.