Looking for advice on achieving a very subtle oxidized steel effect


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This is a 1911 airsoft pistol to start with, so it is a combo of steel and aluminum parts painted a matte black color. The add-on bits are 3D printed resin. The look I'm going for is in the photos below. In most spots its a VERY subtle oxidized red/brown effect. Some rust in areas that the gun would receive a lot of hands on use. Love to get some very specific feedback on how to achieve this look. My initial thought was to start with Al-clad on the resin parts and then weather the metal parts down a bit so that everything is on a similar starting point. Thoughts?


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Is your subject going to be handled a lot? If not, Pigment powder is a good way to keep things subtle. Pigment Fixer will hold the colour in place.


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I might suggest painting those areas a reddish brown rust color, then mist coating over with the metallic color

another alternative is using oil paints sludge washes on those areas.


i just used some humbrol metalcote polished steel spray paint on a project, you paint it then buff it and the results are great especially with a bit of weathering - could be worth a look

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