Looking for a small Cool Shade sample


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I know this is a long shot, but I'm hoping maybe someone might have a small scrap of Cool Shade (yes, the stuff primarily used for S.S Tie Fighter wings). It was used on other studio models on smaller areas. I'm only looking for a small square piece of it, maybe 4"x4"? I know that the company either stopped making it or they have changed it and it is not the same as the stuff prior to maybe 2000? I don't recall when they changed it? I'm wanting to use it to re-scale it for an upgraded part to a commercial kit. There's no one I know of(or can think of) who has made such parts, or re-created the cool shade "in scale" either 3d printed or photo-etched for the multiple "all over the place scale" of the old MPC kits. I need a physical piece of it to re-scratch the piece/part in scale to make the part in question (which will still be hard to do). If anyone might have a small piece they don't mind "giving away", or if you want some $$ for it (I know how expensive this stuff is and impossible it is to get) please PM me.


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If Im not mistaken, what the company makes today is technically the same koolshade they made back in the day. The difference being they had a separate machine that would compress the cool shade from 17 to 20 per inch (not certain of those exact numbers). The compression machine broke along while ago, so they no longer do that and just leave it as 17 per inch.
So, in theory, if you got the current stuff, heat and compress it, you could get it to the '77 style...if you cannot find an already compressed version that is.


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Well, I'll keep that in consideration. I'm hoping to get my hands on a small sample of the NOS if I can. Maybe someone will contact me? I don't know?
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